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Monday, July 13, 2009

RIP Speedy

Mags' pet lizard died Sometime early Saturday. Not sure what from: cold, being picked up too often, not having the correct food, or PTSD (between being chased around your cage every day by a 5 year old or having a cat sit next to your cage peering in for hours at a time, I suspect neither is real good for the heart, ya dig?)

Mags actually did quite an impressive job with the lizard; we had a deal that she had to prove she was responsible with the pet or we would take it back to the ranch. And so every morning she would check the food and water of her new friend. In fact, this past Saturday was the first time I have found that water bowl empty (no one is perfect.)

But I'm also thinking maybe it was best that Speedy shed his mortal coil when he did because I think Mags' interest was starting to wane. As in, she hasn't checked the cage since Friday. As in, she hasn't noticed the ex-lizard having an open wake on our dining room table.

I'm gonna go have one for my homie (and by one I mean a shot of Theraflu.) So long, Speedy. We hardly knew ya, but you'll make good compost.


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