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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good News(s)!

Yes, I pluralized 'news'. Get over it. :)

1) I slept well last night! About 10 hours! Feeling noticeably more human. Could use about 4 more straight nights of that, but am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. (Also thought I'd mention that as I seem to always be moaning and carrying on about how tired I am.)

2) Got another job/contract! And this one is Really Good. Seriously. I will be doing some overhire/temporary work for these guys. In a real costume shop. With a nationally recognized group. With a real budget. And a real WEEKLY PAYCHECK. *swoon!* It fits nicely before my job in MA (did I ever write about that? I got the MA job too!) but does have a bit of overlap with the Pacific-o gig. Will definitely be 'exciting' for a bit there.

I am obviously very happy that I got this job, but the interview process was less that smooth on my part, I will admit. I showed up late, I was still wearing ratty nail polish on one hand (compliments of Mags), several of my portfolio images weren't even in my portfolio yet, and one of the garments I'd brought in to show samples of my work had fallen off the hanger and was in a wadded, wrinkled heap. I could have been a PSA on 'what not to do for a job interview'. I must have interviewed REALLY well. Interviewed Monday, job on Friday afternoon. :)

3) I also made some good progress pulling costumes for G&D this past weekend, and am feeling somewhat less pants-crapping that last week, which is always good. Still have crazy loads of stuff to do, but knocking some down helps.


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