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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rent is Paid!

Been at my sewing studio for 4 months now and have bee late on my rent for 3 of those months (and in the interest of full disclosure, the only time it was on time was because I was signing the rental contaact and the manager was right there.)

Turns out I never put the reminder in my email calendar, and it would just slip my mind. Hell, this past month the only thing that reminded me was one day I went into the studio and nothing happened when I switched on the light switch or tried to turn on my machine. I panicked, ran home, got my checkbook and slipped an envelope through the manager's door that very afternoon. Turns out the building had had a power outage, but who knows how long I would've gone before I rememebered?

And not once have I ever gotten a call or note or anything from the manager, but still, bad form on my part.

Anyhow, long story short (too late!), I dropped off my check for this month today AND have added it to my calendar with the 'mail me 3 days in advance' feature also turned on. Go me!


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