Staring Down the Barrel of a (Hot Glue) Gun

Sometimes your mind can be so open that your brain falls out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whoo Hoo!

Got my first restful night's sleep in about 13 days last night! Didn't want to kill or maim anyone this morning! (Well, ok maybe one or two people...)

I have no idea why last night was better than all the other nights; I did almost nothing different. If anything, I *broke* a few 'rules' for sleep: stayed up til 1145 watching a less-than-relaxing movie. I'm guessing its part of that cycle where I sleep good, then sleep progressively worse every night after that until one night I finally just pass out because my body can't physically remain conscious any longer. Ten bucks says tonight is crappy again.

Am trying to get an appointment with a TMJ specialist; seems I've developed a pretty nasty case of that since at least the surgery, if not before while slogging through the CPAP machine. Hoping maybe s/he can help me with these night headaches as the Stanford Neurologist had nothing to point to (although I did get some very expensive pain meds for them anyhow.) Am also going to see an allergist to see if there's anything that needs to be treated that might be affecting my sleep as well.

Yes, yes, there are definitely days where I wake up and just want to die.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh, And...

I'm in the process of changing to my email to gmail because YAHOO IS A PIECE OF SHIT. Did you read that Yahoo? Yeah, I'm talking about you! Worthless, buggy nightmare. I have completely hit my limit of having to reboot Yahoo 8 times while trying to read, delete, write or send messages. Been going on for months.


Just wanted to sent out a quick post to everyone to let them know I'm not dead (that goes double for those of you that ahave emailed me directly to chat.) Long story short Ive been having incredible problems with RSI/whatever in both my hands/arms, and being at the computer for more than, say 10 minuees at a time is immediate pain in my fingers, hands forearms, elbows and even my shoulders. Seeing as I use my hansd for my livelihood (or hope to once my career really takes off,) I need to nip this problem in the bud ASAP so I don't permanentally damage myself even more than I have. Still need to makle doctors appointment.

Super quick update in the meantime:

* got sewing gig in Oct/Nov in MA; hooray!
* Mags graduated from preschool and starts kindergarten in Sept.
* I have figured out that all of those migraines I get are menstration-related, and now I oddly look forward to PMS because that's when they STOP
* I am dj-ing this Friday and am wildly underprepared
* visit with mom went really well
* got a new haircut
* am the decorations lead for a 500 person campout in July
* have been hired to make a bellydancing outfit and a burlesque outfit
* dj gig, bellydancing outfit, burlesque outfit and decorations all due in next 4 weeks. Pants crapping has begun
* still like my therapist, and is nice to know I am not the only 'broken' person out there
* garden is doing well, except for chard which is either completely dead or you can actually grow as pre-wilted salad

I'm still lurking in everyone else's blog and appreciate folks understanding about my new and exciting medical condition. Kisses!